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piece ended up in san francisco bay and the ntsb has wrapped up a news conference within the hour. we go live now to san francisco for the latest. let's start with the first responders that one of the 16-year-old victims was hit by a fire truck. how was that shaking out? >> reporter: wendy, they have discussed this in two different news conferences today the first responders held a news conference a few hours ago and said they acknowledge that they had heard about this and that it had gone up the chain of command, that they were investigating it but hadn't made any determinations as to what exactly happened out there on that chaotic runway. the other mention of that was from the ntsb who said the coroner has not been able to determine cause of death on either one of those two teenage girls, whether she was, one of them was struck by a vehicle or not and whether that would be the cause of death in the eventuality. >> there's a report one of the four pilots is the least experienced in flying this 777. did the ntsb talk about that? >> reporter: they did. he's had 43 hours in that particular
on the investigation today. jennifer? >> reporter: jim, pat, the ntsb hopes to speak with all four pilots who were on board that plane as they look in their investigation into what went wrong. >> at the terminal we rounded the terminal and all you could see was dark smoke billowing up to the sky and you could see the plane on its belly. so we just rushed, went right straight to it. >> reporter: help came fast to survivors. first responders overwhelmed by number of people able to help themselves before they cleared the plane. >> i was satisfied. i was happy. i felt like there was nobody left on that plane. >> reporter: there were two fatalities the airport's deputy fire chief acknowledged reports one of the two teenage girls killed in the crash may have been struck by an emergency vehicle on the nway. >> there was a possibility that one of our two fatalities might have been contacted by one of our apparatus at an unknown point during the incident. >> it went conclusive so we really need to work and talk with people, conduct additional interviews and let the coroner do their work. >> reporter: the c
a flight attendant. and tonight the ntsb released new vidvideo, one of the closes views we have seen of the wreckage. investigators revealed information based on interviews with three of the four pilots aboard the flight. we now know two other flight attendants survived despite something being flown from the plane when the tail clipped the sea wall and broke off. the landing gear hit the sea wall first before the tail did and the instructing pilot said he thought the plane's auto t t throttle was set to maintain the spied for a safe landing, but it wasn't. here's a cockpit view of what the pilots might have seen before the crash. this is from a 747 that made a same approach on that runway. as for whether saturday's crash was due to mechanical error or pilot error shs the ntsb say there is won't be any answers before the crash scene is cleared. >> we will not determine probable cause while we are here on scene. that will come after we have collected all of the information and analyzed it. i would really encourage all of you to be very cautious about speculating on the cause of the cr
taking off and landing behind me of asiana flight 214 that's still sitting there on the tarmac as ntsb investigators are looking at the wreckage trying to figure out what went wrong. >> you can see the plane was on its belly. so we just, we just rushed, went right straight to it. >> help came fast to survivors of this deadly crash landing saturday. first responders overwhelmed by number of people able to help themselves before they cleared the plane. >> i was satisfied. i was -- i was happy. i felt like there was -- there was nobody left on that plane. >> reporter: there were two fatif fatalities. >> one of the two might have been contacted by our apparatus. >> we need to work, conduct interviews and let the coroner do their work. >> reporter: the coroner has not determined the cause of death for that victim. investigators are sift through what remains of the boeing 777. the current focus of investigators is on the low air speed. >> about three seconds prior to impact the flight data recorder recorded its lowest speepd of 103 knots. >> reporter: also under scrutiny the pilot's experien
of them may have been hit by an arriving fire engine. ntsb have been walking the length of the runway inspecting a scattered trail of debris. debris. the landing gear, sheared from the fuselage. the interior of the plane. oxygen masks hanging, seats twisted and broken. >> the lower portion of the tail cone is in the rocks at the seawall. and a significant piece of the tail of this aircraft was in the water. >> reporter: we learned today, the pilot, new to flying 777, and the training pilot, let the air speed fall below the 137 knot speed needed for landing. >> there was a lack of interaction between the two pilots. the pilot manipulating the flight control and the one that was monitoring. >> reporter: the ntsb says it wasn't until 4 seconds before the crash that there were any system warnings of a stall. they will interview the crew in english and korean in the final seconds of flight. what would happen in the final seconds of flight? both pilots were senior, did each assume the other was monitoring speed and altitude? aviation analyst, john cox. >> what was the demeanor of the interw
the ntsb. before leaving south korea, he personally apologized to the families of the two chinese teenagers killed in that plane crash. he met them at an airport near seoul and bowed to them. one of the fathers was visibly upset with him. the two girls were part of a group that planned to attend summer camps at universities in california. now, the visit comes as the ntsb hopes to shed more light today on the pilots in control of flight 214 including what they were doing as much as 72 hours before the crash. nbc's danielle leigh in san francisco for us again this morning where investigators are back out on that runway again. danielle, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. and investigators will be returning to the runway behind me again this morning as they continue to look for clues about those final moments. and we've got some new video that really paints a picture of the chaos just after the crash. you can see those emergency slides being sent out of the plane. people exiting the smoking plane, trying to get to safety. and you know, it was just after those moments that emergency
flight 214 was traveling short of the runway in san francisco. the ntsb says everything seemed normal about a minute and a half before the crash when autopilot was switched off. it continued on a normal descent until the final 16 seconds. that's when the plane began to quickly drop below the target speed of 137 knots it needed to safely land. by eight seconds out, the pilots called for more power. but by the time the engines kicked in five seconds later, the plane had slowed to just 103 knots, or about 40 miles per hour slower than it should have been going. investigators say they want to know if the pilots were too reliant on automated system to notice the air speed problem. and the president of the asiana airlines will arrive in san francisco later this morning to meet with crew members and likely face some questions from the ntsb. before he left south korea, he personally apologized to the families of two chinese teenagers killed in that crash. he met them at an airport near seoul and bowed to them. one of the fathers was visibly upset with him. the two girls were part of a group t
the ntsb is talking to the pilots. >> they want to find out why the plane came in too low and too slow. we go live to san francisco where investigators hope to talk to the man behind the controls today. jennifer? >> reporter: that's right. pat, jim, they are speaking with that pilot for the first time today trying to get some answers as to what was going on in the cockpit when the plane crash landed here at san francisco international airport. the families, the victims, airline officials are curious what he has to say. the jet carrying asiana airline ceo lands in san francisco against a backdrop of the wreckage of one of his fleet. earlier the airline's president apologies to parents of the two teenage girls that were killed were met with angry and frustration. the girls who died were part of a middle school group on its way to summer camp. parents of the survivors and victims are arriving now to be reunited with their children. investigators are interviewing the cabin crew about the deployment of slides and the evacuation process. >> as soon as i heard emergency escape i conducted the eva
your bag rather than thinking of all the other people coming behind you. >> reporter: the ntsb says because this is a foreign crew, there was no legal obligation to drug test them, and they were not drug tested after the fact. by the way, having 28 closed has created problems here at sfo. they have delays running up to an hour or so. 70 cancellations today alone. they may take another week or so to continue to look at this aircraft that's out on the runway. back to you. >> tom costello leading our coverage starting off tonight in san francisco. thanks. >>> those three young women held for a decade in a house in cleveland, ohio have broken their silence, two months since they were freed. they have made public video statements in which they talk about their brand new lives and the support they've received since their release. our report tonight from our national correspondent kate snow. >> reporter: we've known them only vaguely, the thumbs up from gina dejesus, the single photo of amanda berry, she was a 16-year-old girl when she was taken in 2003. she's now a 27-year-old mother. >>
lower went down. now the speed continued to drop until the plane basically stalled. the ntsb says there were no system warnings of a stall until just four seconds before the crash. we'll have to await the results of the interviews with the pilots to see if their actions played any role in the crash. although much has been made about the fact that the pilot at the controls was making his first attempt at landing a 777 into sfo. at the live desk, i'm jim handly. >>> hundreds of children and parents in northern virginia are remembering a baltimore rachbts cheerleader who was killed -- ravens cheerleader who was killed in a crash. his legacy will be felt far from the football field. >> reporter: mar keepa campbell cheers at infinity all stars practice in fairfax, praying tribute to her coach, 27-year-old dion bagby. he died in a motorcycle crash in frederick, maryland, friday, and recently became a cheerleader with the baltimore ravens. >> it's just really heartbreaking to know that he died. >> reporter: moments later her mother gives her a hug. >> he was like a big brother to her. >>
went wrong? nobody knows right now. the ntsb is hoping to talk to the crew today. we do know it appears this crew was coming in too low, too slow. they tried to abort at the last minute, but it was far too late. the so-called brach black boxes, flight data and cockpit voice recorders are shedding light what happened in the final seconds of asiana flight 218. during the approach, the conversations in the cockpit were routine, no indication of any problems until just seconds before landing. at seven seconds before impact, a call from one of the pilots to increase the speed. the 777 was coming in too slow, below its target speed of 137 knots, just over 157 miles per hour. >> we're not talking about a few knots here. we're talking about a significant amount of speed below 137. >> reporter: just three seconds later, the crew gets a warning, the plane is about to stall, losing lift, and its ability to fly. less than two seconds before impact, the pilot calls to abort the landing, but it's too late. the jet slams into the seawall at the runway's edge. this image from an eyewitness shows the p
with the flight crew, victims and ntsb. in this video you can see before he left south korea he apologized to the family of the two chinese teenagers killed in the crash. he met them at an airport in seoul and vowed to them. can you see one of the fathers visibly upset with yoon. they were head to do a summer camp. >>> a bridge finally back open on rock creek in brandywine. 30 foot span washed out by flooding in hurricane. it took long to build, 70% of the $2.5 million project was paid for by fema. the new bridge is higher to try to avoid flooding in the future. >>> things are back to normal after a water main break in did you -- dupont circle. service was disrupted for people who live and work in that area for quite sometime. >>> one of the most talked about animals is back on display. rusty, the red panned ark is back in his cage. he gained notoriety when he escaped. megan live with rusty's return. >> you're right. rusty became quite a celebrity, a lot of buzz after his wild adventure. he's been out of the mix at the zoo, under wraps for the last couple of weeks. that's because when he w
costello is in san francisco. good morning to you. >> good morning, the ntsb talked to two of the four pilots on board including the pilot at the controls and who was just gaining experience. the ntsb wants to know about the three days prior to the crash. how much sleep did they get? how much duty time did they have? anybody sick? anybody on medications? anybody distracted? we're also hearing from rescuers and flight attendants about the day on saturday. >> reporter: rarely do crash investigators get to see the actual violent moments of a plane crash and the immediate aftermath as the emergency shoots deemploy and panicked passengers run for their lives. as airport fire rescue crews begin attacking the fire with foam, city fire crews were coming in behind them to help. >> at that point, i went to a third alarm and declared a red alert. >> reporter: that means mass causalities. she was among the first firefighters to get inside the plane, fight the fire and search for victims. >> we had somebody that was partially trapped. as it turns out, there was a small person stuck between the seat
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